Adolescents and Risky Behavior

KROS Training Activity C1, Athens, Dimitra Georgogianni, RSI Psychologist (MSc) / Psychotherapist

1.Statistical data for young people
2.Adolescents characteristics & risk taking
3.Emotions in traffic
4.Psychological impact after traffic accidents

Autonomous Cars - Science Fiction or Reality?

by Manfred Lohr

Pedagogical Framework

Dr. Georgios Mavromanolakis

Physics of Seatbelt

Dr. Georgios Mavromanolakis

Road Safety Academy - Road safety Resources

Dagmara Jankowska-Karpa, PhD Motor Transport Institute, Poland

KROS MultiplierEvent, 02.08.2021

Speed and Distance Traveled

Dr. Georgios Mavromanolakis

Teaching Road Safety during Distance Learning

By Manfred Lohr

Teaching Road Safety with Mobile Devices

By Manfred Lohr




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