Intellectual outputs

01 Pedagogical framework

The development of the pedagogical framework will be based on:

  • Extended need analyses
  • The process that the consortium will follow in order to included road safety issues in the teachers training activities in the partner countries

Leader EA. Contributors: RSI, ITS, TCD

03 KROS Platform deployment

  • Definition of the KROS platform technical specifications and requirements
  • Development of the KROS online platform
  • Transformation of existing e-Drive scenarios into virtual reality experiences (for students 12-18 years old)
  • Translation of the interface lessons plans & manuals

Leader OMEGA. Contributors: RSI,EA, TCD


05 Validation of the training program

Runs through out the project and includes:

  • Evaluation & quality control of the project (based on Quality assurance plan of A1)
  • Final project evaluation report
  • Development of the validation plan and instruments
  • Interim and Final Training Program Validation Report

Leader TCD. Contributors: RSI, EA, CECE, ITS

02 Knights of Road Safety training program

  • Development of the training material
  • Selection, customization and localizations of demonstrators that will be implement in pilot schools
  • Development of the KROS eTwinning Toolkit

Leader RSI. Contributors: EA, CECE, BGS, ITS, TCD

04 Network of pilot schools


  • 1st step: Establishment of the Network of Pilot schools
  • 2nd step: Training activities Pilot Phase 1
  • 3nd step: Training activities Pilot Phase 2

Leader RSI. Contributors: EA, CECE, BGS, ITS, TCD


06 Road Safety Academy

  • Dissemination of innovative methodological results to school networks & teacher communities
  • Dissemination of the project results to policy makers & curriculum developers
  • Online point of reference for the project results (website, social media)

Leader ITS. Contributors: RSI, EA, OMEGA,CECE, BGS, TCD



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