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Joint Staff Training Activity C1, Athens 03-05.07.2019

KROS ‘Knights for Road Safety’

Joint Staff Training Activity C1, Athens 03-05.07.2019

The 1st (out of 6) Training events for stuff members of the Erasmus + project ‘Knights for Road safety’ was successfully implemented in Athens, 03-05.07 2019. The training event was organized by RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ and was hosted at Ellinogermaniki Agogi, in Pallini. At the event participated: Motor Transport Institute (Poland), CECE (Spanish Confederation of Education &Training centers), BundesGymnasium und BundesRealGymnasium Schwechat (Austria), Trinity College Dublin-The University of Dublin (TCD), Omega Technology (Greece) and EA (Greece).

A number of workshops and presentations on road safety issues took place during the 3 day training. The first day the whole school approach on road safety education and the open schooling concept were presented. A presentation of adolescents & risky behaviour and the psychological aspects of traffic crashes  introduced KROS training activities material, which was presented and evaluated  on the topics of ‘Sustainable and active travel’ and ‘Emotions in traffic’. The 2nd day of the training was about exchange of good practices. RSI presented the road safety educational program ‘Do it Right’ for adolescents with use of simulators (Roll over car, belt sledge, reaction test, etc), part of AVENUE  project which is now used as a good practice in Europe and globaly. Moreover, Mr. Eddy Klynen, Coordinator of VSV (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, Belgium )  and guest speaker presented good practices of the Flemish Road Safety Organization. The 2nd day closed with the demonstration and evaluation of the KROS training material on speeding and seat belt use.

The training on Friday included KROS Virtual Reality demonstrators, where all the participants had the chance to test virtual reality scenarios (cycling and pedestrian) regarding road safety with use of VR headsets. The training ended with a presentation on project communication and dissemination.

The training was very successful and participating organizations had the chance to enrich their knowledge on road safety educational issues for young people with the use of advanced technology. The 2nd KROS training activity will take place in Spain (17-19/09) and the 3rd in Austria (01-03/10) completing the Phase 1 of the  KROS training activities.





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