Joint Online Staff Training Activity C5, BG/BRG Schwechat (Αustria) 01.10 & 20-21.10.2020

The 5th training activity for stuff members of the Erasmus+ project “Knights for Road safety” was successfully implemented online in Schwechat, on 1.10.2020 and 21.10./22.10.2020.

The training event was organized by the KROS team of BG/BRG Schwechat. At the event participated: Road Safety Institute (RSI), Motor Transport Institute (Poland), CECE (Spanish Confederation of Education &Training centers), Trinity College Dublin-The University of Dublin (TCD), Omega Technology (Greece) and EA (Greece).

As many schools were closed during the COVID lockdown and were facing distance learning for some weeks the focus of the workshops and presentations was on implementation of road safety issues during distance learning. Manfred Lohr thematized this issue in the talk “Teaching Road Safety during Distance Learning” and introduced Gerhard Woltron and Ronald Binder , who presented the best practices about teaching road safety with distance learning from their schools BG/BRG Sachsenbrunn and BG/BRG Gmünd. Nicole Riegler from BG/BRG Schwechat presented Apps for the creation of interactive learning elements.

The second part of the training activity was opened by the activity “Panel Discussion and Road Safety – The Self-Driving School Bus”, which was held by Stephan Wastyn from BG/BRG Schwechat. Barbara Stöber (BG/BRG Schwechat) explained in her talk “L17 – Acquisition of Driving License at the Age of 17” the system of the driving tests for young people in Austria. The future of cars was addressed by the two talks of Manfred Lohr (BG/BRG Schwechat) “Driver Assistance Systems for Cars – Improvement of Road Safety or Distraction?” and “Autonomous Cars – Road Safety with Self-Driving Cars”.

The last day of the training was opened by the presentation “Teaching Road Safety with Mobile Devices”. Manfred Lohr explained in this talk how to use mobile devices in teaching Physics. This talk was followed by the presentation “Cycling in Vienna – Road Safety Using a Bike in the City” of Nicole Riegler.

The training activity was closed by a workshop, where participants presented how they implemented the apps, which were explained in the first day of the training.

The online training was very successful and participating organizations had the chance to enrich their knowledge on road safety educational issues for young people with the use of advanced technology.





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